Quirky Colorful Accidents

Colors, like features, follow the changes of the emotions.” -Pablo Picasso

Okay folks, this is a quick and simple post since I’m still feeling the remnants of a hangover from the weekend, so here goes…

The kitchen in the house we rent has a problem – it’s beige, cream and circa 1988.  CLICK HERE to see for yourself! The lighting also casts a dingy yellow tint.

We decided to add little colorful, quirky “accidents” to our white, colorless canisters. We call them accidents because they were never used for the purpose they were created or they were made out of boredom with no use in mind.

We did a post a while back called, Repurposed Kitchen Canisters, when we added seashell ornaments to the canisters. Yup, they were the same color as the kitchen so time for some colorful, quirky accidents.

The two red skulls were made from FIMO clay – a great way to make anything in a rainbow of colors. I think they were created for Halloween last year, but never used.

We’ve had these glass pebbles so long we forgot why we have them. We glued some of those pebbles to a cord, that cord was the handle we removed from a wine carrier in the Oversized Candle post. Nothing gets wasted here.

The other weird thing was made from old hardware – washers, some sort of thingy with spokes and wire. We painted them, glued them together – then sprayed it with a clear gloss enamel. The little red guy is also FIMO clay. It didn’t solve the drab kitchen problem but it’s a start, plus this type of stuff is more a journey than a final destination, right?

What is our point? Wow, good question. Aside from wanting to get through this hangover, I think what we are trying to say is keep your accidents because they are often the best things.

Thank you for reading – I’m now off to make more accidents while doing my post hangover, impression of a vegetable, possibly a couch potato.

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  1. What colorful and different ideas you had for the canisters. Now you will do more and change for the holidays I