Repurposed Kitchen Canisters

Just as we cannot blame others for destroying the environment, so we cannot look to others to protect the environment. Responsibility for both begins at home.” -Paul Griss, The Daily Planet

Last week while cleaning out our cabinets we found our old kitchen canisters that had been pushed to the back of one of the cabinets and were all but forgotten. One not only had flour in it, but also a thriving colony of critters. So much for the airtight seal, but come to think of it, they are probably around 15 years old if we were to guess.

We dumped the colony of critters and were left with three kitchen canisters that we no longer trusted to keep things safe from bugs. We decided to repurpose them into something useful – repurposed kitchen utensil crocks.

It was pretty simple. We only had to remove the hardware from the lid and base of the kitchen canister then give them a good cleaning. Originally, they all had a little wooden spoon that fit in the holder on the side of the canister, but they have all been lost over the years.

To dress up the new repurposed utensil crocks we used seashells ornaments that we had created.

Instead of one kitchen crock for all the utensils, we now have three. One for plastic, one for bamboo and the other for baking so it makes things a little bit more organized.

Don’t waste the lid from the kitchen canister – if it has a flat top it makes a perfect candle holder for those fat pillar candles. We didn’t have a pillar candle to demonstrate that idea but it’s not too hard to imagine.

If you are really creative you can probably find a use for the hardware you removed. We didn’t have an idea yet but if we do we will be sure to let you know.

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  1. Hi there..this is awesome. My mother is redoing her kitchen and has the black version. I think this would be awesome to put a stencil on and have her store her things in it. Um…as for the tops you took off….how about some glue and stacking. I bet they would make an awesome looking candle stick or a bottom to a really unique cake stand. Glue them all together and top with a plain white plate. I love E6000. It will hold anything together.

  2. Organic Crafter says

    Thanks Magan! Yes, a stencil would look great. So many ideas, so little time 🙂 Thanks for the suggestion for the lids – we still haven’t used them for anything. Now to remember where we put them.