A Piece of Paradise on Cork

Man’s heart away from nature becomes hard.”  -Standing Bear

Where does the time go? It’s been a couple weeks since we have added something new and today we thought we would show you something we created about five months ago. There are several plants on this piece of raw cork bark including Orchids, Air Plants, Spider Plants and there is even a piece of Wandering Jew.  Sure, sometimes less is more, but sometimes more is better!

Cork Mounted PlantsMounting these plants to the raw cork bark is exactly the same as in our tutorials, Bromeliad Centerpiece and Gnarly Wooded Air Plants.  If you are wiring them to the cork use an aluminum wire and not copper – fish line is also good (heavier line is harder to tie).  Of course, to make it easier, use the E600 glue. Glue is okay if it’s an “art piece” like this, but keep glue away from the earth and the plants to be eaten.

Raw cork is perfect for something like this because it’s an environmentally friendly, renewable resource that is removed from trees at an appropriate time and does no damage to the tree itself.  Below are some interesting facts about raw cork.

  • Very Light Weight
  • Resistant to Rot
  • Non-Toxic
  • Fire Resistant
  • Impermeable
  • Soft & Buoyant

Cork Mounted Plants

The roots in the photo above are coming from the orchid. When you see roots spreading across the cork like this you will know the orchid is established. We only wish it was in bloom when we took the photo but hopefully soon! We’ll post an updated picture when it does.

Cork Mounted Plants

The spider plant in the photo below will look kind of ratty in the beginning but they end up springing back nicely. I told my partner I didn’t think a spider plant would work (let alone the wandering jew) but he swore it would and for once, I was wrong!  Ha!

Cork Mounted Plants

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