The Art of Cheap Window Cleaning

Beware of little expenses; a small leak will sink a great ship.” –Benjamin Franklin

One day I sat outside of my partner’s place of work waiting to pick him up and I saw a sign in their window for windshield cleaner fluid for the car. I thought to myself ….hmmmm….. I wonder how well this would clean my windows in the house. It’s a lot cheaper and you get an entire gallon as opposed to the 32 oz bottle of Windex.

This window cleaner is trusted to clean the most important window I own when I’m traveling at 70mph down the highway then why can’t I use it on my windows at home? Great! I just saved money!

Windshield fluid is a bit weaker and means less chemical concentration. That can only be better right? Right! You can always go back to the Windex if you have a tougher job, but cheap clean windows can be done every day.

The next option is vinegar. This is natural, will also clean a window and has no harmful chemicals. Visit the Care2 site for a great vinegar recipe that will not leave streaks for cheap clean windows.

Where did my mind go next? I’ll tell you…. paper towels! We never use them due to the fact that we would rather see a tree standing than to use a paper towel. You can check that out in, Two Seconds of Comfort Kills Old Growth Forests.

We have used reusable cloth towels to clean our windows and mirrors and they do a decent enough job. Sure there is some lint left behind but it’s find for every day cleaning. The birds will probably thank you as they will be less likely to smash into your windows. You can also use newspaper if you already get a newspaper, but you probably don’t want to buy one only for cleaning windows.

Instead, the mailman will deliver a bunch of stupid advertisements to your mailbox that could be saved for windows. They are totally free and get delivered whether you want them or not so we should just use them. They also have stacks of this stuff for FREE at the grocery store! Yep, when you enter or exit the grocery store, grab some FREE fliers on newsprint, take them home for cleaning windows and mirrors. At the end of the week they will just get rid of them so you may as well use them!

You could also do away with newspaper and paper towels completely and use a squeegee and a rag.

I hope these helpful tips will save you a little money and a few trees!


  1. My aunt had me clean her windows with vinegar and newspaper when I was staying with her years ago. Seemed to work pretty well. If you get the newspaper, might not be a bad way to reuse it when you’re done reading it.

    • Organic Crafter says

      Unless you get your newspaper on an iPad 🙂 We always push for things to be reused and like to rediscover and reshare the things our Grandparents always knew but we got spoiled and forgot.