Benefits of Cellar Spiders

If you want to live and thrive, let the spider run alive.” – American Quaker Saying

I have to say I learned something new during Monster Bug Wars on the Science channel. Apparently, Cellar Spiders are awesome! Why? They are really great at killing other spiders, including Brown Recluse and Black Widows which are very dangerous to us humans, and I can say from experience, Brown Recluse can cause a tremendous amount of pain.

It was said that killing spiders is not the specialty of the Cellar Spider, but when confronted by another spider she does a really, really great job at defeating it.

Cellar Spiders look very delicate and you would think they wouldn’t have a chance against a heavyweight spider but that’s exactly what this particular Bug War showed us!

None of us are particularly fond of living with spiders in our cellars, garages and attics, which is where you’ll usually find the Cellar Spider. But after finding out how effective this spider is I am now going to let them be.

They aren’t aggressive and are not a danger to us so I am going to let them help keep my garage free of nuisances. In fact, they often run out of my way and want as much to do with me as I do with them.

Now we have an understanding and they will live rent free as long as they kill roaches and dangerous spiders. There’s also a rule that they don’t fall or land on my face, head, or other parts of my body and like the wasp, I will live in peace with the Cellar Spider and let her do her thing.

Free and natural, what more could you want?  I hope this inspires you to let the Cellar Spiders do their thing.


  1. Should I be concerned about two big cellar spiders above my couch. We dont have a tall celling so their about 2-3 feet away from it. should I vacuum them up or just leave them ?

    • Organic Crafter says

      Depends how comfortable you are living with them 🙂 We don’t particularly enjoy them inside the house but we don’t mind them in the garage. Don’t be grossed out, but we’ve actually picked them up with our hands to transport them to the garage or outdoors. They are harmless to humans so we try to return the favor and try not to kill them since it’s so easy to move them. Wash your hands if you pick them up 😉

    • HollyleafTheGreat says

      Nah V, they just keep bigger, meaner spiders from landing on you while you sit on the couch.

  2. Scarlett Garland says

    I have one in my bedroom and I let her stay. She has killed two Brown recluse spiders so far, we have double doors in our bedroom so spiders creep in while the dogs do their business. I would never harm one of these spiders, even if I didn’t want it in the house I would carry her out. No need to kill or harm them 🙂

  3. Nicholas Smith says

    I just cant stand spiders, especially these, every single kind of spider scares the crap outta me, im petrified. I have had lots of cellar spiders in my house lately, and im looking for the best way to kill them or get rid of them. I cant go anywhere near them, it scares me way too much. Anyone know any good way to get rid of them?

    • HollyleafTheGreat says

      Bruh, if you can’r stand spiders, you WANT cellar spiders. They can take on black widows! And they can’t even bite you, so have some free pest control, why don’t you? I have 6, and named all but one. (Charlotte, Cecile, Spinarette, Sixlet who lost two legs, Carmen, and unnamed TV spider) If you encounter a bad spider, just do your best to send it the cellar spider’s way, and watch it get taken down. You will start naming them and feeding them when you think they’ll starve.

    • HollyleafTheGreat says

      Wait, Nicholas Smith? Do you live in Vegas? If so, I know you!

  4. Just get a glass and some card and let it free outside. I’ve done this with massive house spiders and they terrify me!

  5. Maranda Musquiz says

    If you insist on killing them I think getting your vacuum out and using the long attachment suck them up into the vacuum

  6. HollyleafTheGreat says

    We were always told since babies how cellar spiders killed the dangerous ones, and me and my sister slept better when the spiders were put behind our beds. Now, I have 6 confirmed cellar spiders, named Charlotte, who has killed and sucked dry a hobo spider recently, another long before, and a brown recluse a long time ago, Spinarette, who we tempted to stay by feeding her a cloth moth, Cecile, who appears to be a male waiting to court Charlotte, Carmen, who lives above my school workspace, Sixlet, who lives in my room and lost two legs, and an unnamed spider by our TV. I was scared to go in Charlotte’s bathroom without an umbrella in fear of her dropping the hobo on my head. And last night, while my mom was outside, she saw this huge spider cowering and hiding from a cellar spider. I joked while we were unraveling the hobo that I quit being an atheist and now will form my own religion that worships the cellar spider. But when I have my own house, I will hoard them, and take them from any friends that want to kill them. Also, Cellar Spiders featured only twice, against a white tail and a centipede. Cellar Spider won every time.