Recycled Halloween

I’ll bet living in a nudist colony takes all the fun out of Halloween.” -Author Unknown

Halloween IdeasIf you’re like us then you no doubt have a limited budget for Halloween. Today we’re bringing you another tip on keeping Halloween as inexpensive as possible. Of course, we are assuming you enjoy being creative and already have some supplies on hand such as paint. If not, then you will need to buy paint.

Last year our theme was on the science fiction side so we painted a lot of our Halloween decorations silver to give it a metallic or high-tech look. Some things turned out better than others but it’s all trial and error. Things that don’t turn out as well as you hoped can be left out of focal points and put back into the shadows around the room.

This year we are throwing in a bit of color by using Day of the Dead as a theme and the party stores do not sell anything remotely good for this occasion, go figure.

Today, we have these 15 inch skeletons that we got at the dollar store. They were cheap but not very interesting and that’s basically what you get for a dollar, right? Exactly!

Halloween Decorations

We looked for any vivid color paint leftover in the garage and we found red! We grabbed the skeletons and took them outside and sprayed them vibrant red and we let them sit overnight. Then we used paint markers to make the designs, but you can use anything you have.

We didn’t feel we needed to go overboard with the designs, we just needed a little extra something to make them more interesting. We think they actually look happier!

Day of the Dead Skeletons

You don’t have to buy all new stuff year after year if you like to have themes. A lot of what you have can be easily repurposed for a different theme.

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  1. LOVE the ideas! soooo cool! Thanks!