Guilt Free Gift Wrap!

The best Christmas trees come very close to exceeding nature.” ~Andy Rooney

Do you ever feel guilty buying gift wrap paper when it’s only going to end up torn to shreds when the gifts are handed out? We know we do! We think that poor tree deserved better.

This holiday season you can wrap your gifts and ease you guilt at the same time by using paper grocery bags. Sure, we always try to use the reusable bags but sometimes we forget them and end up carrying home the plastic bags. Next time you buy groceries and have forgotten your reusable bags (and you will) ask for paper bags instead – this way your grocery store will be providing you with free gift wrap!

Brown paper bags are boring gift wrap you say? Okay, well maybe they are but, it’s all in how you present them. We used what we had at home and didn’t plan this idea at all – it was 100% spur of the moment. The best way to save money is by not spending it ….especially on things you’re going to tear apart then throw away.

We used….

  • All we used was your common twine and old Christmas ribbon from a few years ago.
  • The to add to that we spray painted a pine cone copper that came from our yard.
  • We used a couple feathers left over from old projects we had done.
  • Another package had a seashell that we found on the beach.
  • The other has gold leaves taken from another old holiday ornament that was falling apart.

So you see, it’s easy, easy, easy! There are so many ways you can make a package attractive. As always, use what you can find at home or if you prefer, invest in some really awesome ribbon to give the paper bag wrapping some bang.

Not only for the holidays, but remember this gift wrap idea for birthdays and every other occasion. You’d be surprised how these packages stand out against a background of store bought paper!

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