A Bamboo Christmas Tree

Christmas at my house is always at least six or seven times more pleasant than anywhere else. We start drinking early. And while everyone else is seeing only one Santa Claus, we’ll be seeing six or seven.” -W. C. Fields

Hi y’all! Remember that 25 ft section of bamboo we got from our neighbor? Well we are at the very end of it and that’s the very top 6 ft section. We know, bamboo is not easy for a lot of people to find (especially 25 feet of it!) but if you’re in Florida you can find it growing all over the place.

This bamboo stalk sits in a corner of the living room as a decoration all year and we were thinking how simple it would be to use it as a Christmas tree! It’s simple and very eco-friendly!

We grabbed a tall vase and put the bamboo in it and filled it up with sand to stabilize it. If you have a cat, then use more sand and a bigger, heavier vase.

We chose not to use lights on the tree this year because I’m not sure how that would have looked on a bare bamboo stalk. Maybe we will run across some lights that will work one day, but for now we are using an uplight to light the bamboo Christmas tree. It’s a different look but we like it.

Pine Cone Ornaments

We also made the pine cone ornaments that are hanging on the bamboo Christmas tree and they’re are extremely easy to make!

We lined them all up on a drop cloth then spray painted them metallic copper.

We added the loop of ribbon by tying the two ends together and hot gluing it to the top of the pine cone. The top is the fat end by the way. Simple!

Here’s how the whole thing looks in our room. Yup….very Charlie Brown but a great way to simplify life!

At night… Jeez this thing was hard to capture in a photo! Looks so much better in person 🙂

Bamboo Christmas Tree

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  1. Simplistic and beautiful. Will have to use another type of branch as I am unable to get bamboo.
    It is a great alternative holiday tree.