Tillandsia Tree with a Sphere Base

Tillandsia TreeWe’ve had this project done for quite some time but it just sat in the garage for a while before we decided to use it in the house. We weren’t quite sure what to do with it before and it was a bit of an experiment, but when in doubt, stick an air plant on it!

Let’s see, where to begin… Grab yourself a light bulb and some Plaster of Paris and some twigs. Our twigs were from Manzanita branches; we like to use those because they’re pretty strong.

First, gut your light bulb. See our post, Recycle Light Bulb into Vase, to see how to gut a light bulb. For this project we used a round light bulb as seen below, but you can use anything you prefer.

Then mix up your Plaster of Paris (all the directions are on the packaging). Then use a funnel to fill the light bulb with Plaster of Paris. Don’t fill it totally full, try for about ¾ full – it will heat up and expand.

Then place the twigs into the light bulb and into the Plaster of Paris. Keep adding until you have created a little tree coming out the opening of the bulb. You can only add so many before the opening is full so pick the best twigs. Keep some pruners nearby incase you need to do some trimming to get the branches in the opening.

You’ll want to have something to keep it from tipping over while it drys… placing it on top of a cup usually works.

Then just wait……

Once the Plaster of Paris has dried you need to gently break the light bulb and you should be able to cut the tin of the light bulb with wire cutters. It wouldn’t hurt to wear some safety glasses.

Tree with Sphere Base

What you should have now is a little tree that will not stand up on it’s own ….cause it’s round at the bottom. This is where you need to buy silicone adhesive bumpers unless you have a little stand you can put it in to make it stay upright….but the silicone bumpers work great. Usually you buy these to put under the glass portion of a table to keep the glass slightly raised or from slipping. Use 3 or 4 to balance the tree.

You could also file the bottom flat to make it stand.

Bare Tillandsia Tree

It looks kinda cool without the Tillandsia (air plant) on it or you can add your favorite Tillandsia to the top. We didn’t attach our Tillandsia, it’s just resting on top of the branches. And there you have it, a Tillandsia tree with a sphere base!

Tillandsia Tree

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