Tillandsia and Raw Cork Fridge Magnets

Ya, know, every time I pass the fridge I think, why haven’t we done tillandsia fridge magnets yet? So today we actually felt like doing it but at first, we had our hands on bottle caps, then thought, nah. The we thought of regular wine corks, then thought, nah (but mostly because someone else already did that).

Today we used natural raw cork instead of wine corks. We like natural raw cork because…..well because it’s natural and organic looking. You can usually buy small pieces of natural raw cork by the bag at many plant nurseries. Sometimes the sell bigger slabs by length so you’ll have to check your local nurseries. If they don’t carry it, maybe they can get it for you.

Tillandsia-Fridge-Magnets-05- (1)

While you’re at the nursery, you may as well ask if they have tillandsia because you’ll need those too if you want to make these magnets. Get something on the small size or they may call them miniatures.

These don’t have to go on your fridge either, you can also use them on a dry erase board or other metal surface, but either location should have some bright light so make sure you have that first.

You’ll need:

  • Raw Cork
  • Small Tillandsia
  • E6000 Adhesive
  • Magnets (craft or hardware store)
  • Moss (optional)

You can either begin by gluing the air plant to the cork, or begin by gluing the magnet to the cork. We glued the plant first for no particular reason.

Tillandsia Fridge Magnets

Squeeze out a generous glob of glue onto the cork and rest the root end of the tillandsia into it… you may need something to prop the air plant up until the glue drys. We sorta leaned them all up against each other while they dried. If you want to hide the excess glue, push some moss into the glue while it’s wet or you can wait until the plant has dried and dress it up with moss later on by adding more glue.

Tillandsia Fridge Magnets 03

Tillandsia Fridge Magnets 02

Attach the magnet the same way. Put a little bit of glue on the magnet and press it onto the raw cork. Gluing it onto a flat or mostly flat area works the best.

Tillandsia Fridge Magnets 01

We glued on a couple little seashells and let everthing dry overnight before watering. Check out our Tillandsia Care page for care info.

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