Succulents Suspended in Recycled Light Bulbs

Listen up, you couch potatoes: each recycled beer can saves enough electricity to run a television for three hours.” -Denis Hayes

Succulent in Light Bulb 03The Plant Man’s latest hanging light bulbs are pretty cool and I’m afraid to touch them because I’m a klutz and I drop stuff! I do want to point out that succulents like fast draining soil so if you place them in a light bulb like this, you won’t want to water them a lot. If you do, you’ll end up with cold, rotten, succulent soup!

He layered potting soil, sponge rock (perlite) and a bunch of tiny little snail shells in that order. I don’t argue with him on which layer goes first. I just type it up as I’m doing now…

The potting soil went in the bulb first and it’s best to use some sort of funnel. It filled the bulb to about half way then he stuck the succulent cutting into the soil.

Then we put the sponge rock in and that was kind of bitch since the plant was now blocking part of the opening of the light bulb (photo below). Felt like it took forever….hope you have a better time doing it. The funnel doesn’t work when the plant is in the way …fyi!

Ligh Bulb Opening

After the annoying 112 hours of putting in the sponge rock, we put in some tiny snail shells. All this is for appearance sake since you can see through the glass.

Fish line was used to suspend the light bulb; it was tied in a pattern that supported it like a hammock. He used two long lengths of fish line then doubled them (folded in half) to make four. Wait, it’s easier to say he basically made a macrame plant holder out of fish line. Yes, that’s exactly what he did!

Fish Line

Oh hell, I don’t know how to do it and the Plant Man is sleeping so I’ll just send you to someone else… Click Here! Follow her instructions except use fish line….no, use whatever you like and hang that sucker!

Instructions for gutting a light bulb here!

Succulent in Light Bulb 02 Succulent in Light Bulb 04

The photo below shows the scale of the light bulb because there’s a big ‘ol hand in the picture.

Succulent in Light Bulb Scale


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