Small Tillandsia Screen

A Tillandsia screen is usually a framework with a series of wires strung inside the frame to support a number off Tillandsia. Remember the Tillandsia Wall Installation we recently did? Yeah, that’s basically a Tillandsia screen.

Tillandsia Screen

The framework we used here is the metal frame that held the small pine branches together to form a Christmas wreath….make sense? Good!

Tillandsia Screen

We took the old wreath and bent the metal parts that held the pine into different shapes until we got a design we liked. Not that there were a lot of options for bending them.

Tillandsia Screen

Then we attached one of those swivels used for fishing at the top of the ring in case we want the Tillandsia screen to spin with the wind. Without the swivel it would move with the wind but it wouldn’t be able to spin and keep spinning…..make sense? Good!

Tillandsia Screen

Then we used 18 gauge steel wire to create the starburst shape in the center of the Christmas wreath frame. Then used pliers to bend the wire to tighten it as well as give it an interesting look …but mostly for tightening up the wire.

Tillandsia Screen

DO NOT use copper wire, copper will kill your Tillandsia. People may tell you copper wire is fine, but they are either lying to you or they have no clue. Aluminum wire is also good to use if you don’t want steel. You may be able to find “copper colored” wire but it can’t be real copper. Got it? Good!

Next step is placing the Tillandsia in the wire. All you do is put the base of the plant in between the wire and the tension of the wire will hold the plant into place. We didn’t glue them or wire them, it’s only tension that’s holding them up.

Tillandsia Screen

When you’re finished it could be hung on your fence or under a tree, especially if you want that spinning effect.

A regular frame would work too because we’re pretty sure the Christmas wreath thing isn’t something everyone has lying around.

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