A Living Tillandsia Wall Installation

Call it a living wall or a vertical garden, whichever it is, it’s a great way to bring nature indoors, add new and different textures as well as something unexpected and pretty easy to maintain.

Living Wall

We created this for a local business here in Sarasota. You could call it a prototype as it was the first one we had done but in the end, it came out looking great.

The framework for this installation is aluminum with aluminum wire and measures 4′ x 4′ with an array of several types of Tillandsia (air plants). Some of the Tillandsia are very fragrant and that’s another layer to the mix.

The plants can be sprayed with water while on the grid and they must be sprayed generously with water at least once a week to ensure their survival so they may continue to bloom and multiply. Since the frame is aluminum it will never rust from the watering.

The wall is cinder block so it didn’t get harmed during watering but if it were wood or something that shouldn’t get wet, the plants could be removed and soaked in a bath of water weekly, then hung back on the grid.

The location also has large windows which provided sufficient lighting for the plants.

Here you can see Andujar (also known as The Plant Man) arranging the plants on the wire grid.

Vertical Garden 001

Another great thing about this wall is the plants can be easily rearranged or replaced with different air plants and it can be as minimal or as dense as you choose, the choice is yours.

Below Andujar is just about done with the finishing touches. Over time this frame has the potential to fill in as all the plants multiply or kept minimal as it is shown in the photo.

Living Tillandsia Wall 001

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