Nautilus Themed Tillandsia Mobiles

Nautilus Tillandsia MobileWell that’s a mouthful! Recently, we showed you the Tillandsia & Snail Shell Centerpiece in a lily bowl but that wasn’t even the finished project. The lily bowl was just a way to keep the shells from rolling off the table while the glue dried. Still, it did make a good centerpiece.

Now the project is finished. The nautilus part of the project had already been done by gluing each air plant (tillandsia) into the open end of the snail shell with E6000 glue. The air plant we used is called Pseudobaileyi.

Each mobile was created in a different way and I suppose this is for inspiration as opposed to a tutorial with exact directions. There is no one exact way to make these mobiles; string them all together in whatever way is pleasing to your eye. This should be fun as opposed to pulling your hair out because you aren’t doing it exactly like a tutorial says…  ya know?

The plant man used a lot of fishing tackle for this project. Fishing tackle is awesome for mobiles because there are these little things called swivels that allow everything to spin. What the other things are called …well, I really have no idea as the labels were already thrown away. It’s all inexpensive and found in the fishing isle at your local Walmart or wherever. Regular fish line is great too!

Fishing Tackle

Fishing Tackle


He used a dremel to drill holes into the wood to string the wires/fish line through …again, tie it or loop it through the holes in the wood.

He also had to drill a tiny hole at the top of each shell to tie it off with some fish line so he could hook his fishing tackle to it as seen in the photo below.

Tillandsia Mobile

Tillandsia Nautilus

The plant man created 3 different mobiles out of the nautilus themed shells. One mobile uses a repurposed wine holder, the second used a simple straight piece of wood and the third used a more natural piece of wood as an anchor to hang the wire or fish line.

1,) Used Single Bottle Wine Holder

Nautilus Tillandsia Mobile

2.) Used Regular Straight Wood

Nautilus Tillandsia Mobile

3.) Used Natural Wood

Nautilus Tillandsia Mobile 02

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  1. Awesome, Thank You 🙂

  2. Favorite is #1. Love this idea.

  3. what is the name of the shells you used? Do you know where you can buy them?

    • Organic Crafter says

      I’m not sure exactly what kind they are but we buy them up when we see them, and that could be anywhere. We don’t always use the same type of shell either because it just depends what we stumble upon. Sorry I couldn’t be more helpful.