Easy Ways to Hang Tillandsia

Hanging Tillandsia IILeonardo da Vinci said, “simplicity is the ultimate sophistication,” and today’s ideas are along that idea and are very, very simple!

These are super NO frills ideas and you will need to know how to use scissors, wire cutters (same thing as scissors) and how to tie a knot. We think that pretty much covers everyone …or so we hope. It’s barely a DIY idea because there’s almost nothing to do…

We will be using hardware cloth that is also known as chicken wire, but chicken wire is actually a “honeycomb” pattern and the hardware cloth is a square or rectangle pattern.

Floating Air Plants

We do this in two different styles but they both use hardware cloth.

The first is super simple! We cut out a piece of hardware cloth that is less than 2 inches square and tied fish line to it’s four corners then tied the four strings together at the top. Place an air plant on your hardware cloth platform, hang and you’re done. Easy!

Hardware Cloth

Simple Platform

Simple Platform II

The second style uses a larger piece of hardware cloth that is covered with sheet moss. You won’t even see the hardware cloth so it will look like your air plant is floating on a platform of moss …at least from a distance.

Moss Platform

Floating Tillandsia

Orchid Box

Wee find many people never even think of this because it so damned simple! Since air plants don’t need soil, hang an orchid box with fish

line and plop in an air plant. Easy!

Orchid Box

No orchid mix or moss is necessary inside the orchid box, just leave it empty.

We make little “S” hooks out of heavy wire to hang our plants from our tree branches. There are many other ways to hang things and you’re most likely all human and can probably figure that part out yourselves…

Here’s how they look hanging off the eaves of the house…

Hanging Tillandsia

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  1. Great newsletter. This has become my hobby to give as gifts. Thanks for your ideas and plant sales.
    Dave – one of your regular customers

  2. thanks for sending me here from instagram 🙂 Great handy tips! Stacey (aka airplant designs in Australia)

  3. I’m just writing to let others know that tillandsias do not like to sit in wet, soggy moss, soil, etc. If you leave the bottom of the plant too wet for too long, it will die. They are also allergic to copper, so do not use any copper near your plants.
    Some really cool ideas on here though! Thanks, I’ll have to try some!!

  4. Nancy Gross says

    to PanicMose, in the beginning of my love for Tillies, I made little copper springy type things, glued it to a piece on bark or wood. I put small Tillies in them. Later I panicked when I read that copper is poisonous to Air Plants.
    Then the article went on to say, if the copper was sealed with something, it would be ok. Apparently, my copper wire is sealed because none of my Tillies have died! Just thought I would pass it on. However, I do use Stainless Steel wire most of the time just in case maybe it takes a long time. I would be sick if any of my babies died.