Air Plant Display in a Wine Crate

I really was not in the mood to look for a quote.” – sue me

Air PlantsOur wonderful neighbors gave us some wine crates and we bounced ideas around on what to do with them. Knowing how we are… we will turn them into something, then change our minds two days later or whenever we have a glass of vodka in our hands!

The resident plant man came up with this idea while he was setting up for one of our plant sales. He’s always trying to display things is a different way and I told him he needs a storefront so he can play with the displays in the windows all day long. Guess who would be in the store dusting and/or cleaning the restrooms? ME!

I’ll worry about that when a we actually have a physical store, but for now, I’ll just tell you what he did to the wine crate. He got himself some white paint and then he painted the inside of the wine crate white ….that pretty much sums it up. Oh yeah, he screwed in a little hook to hang the air plant from – NOW we’re done.  White paint reflects light into the plant – dark paint absorbs light!

The air plant hanging inside of the wine crate was pretty much the same concept as an older project called, Gnarly Wooded Air Plants. It is made with a wood mount – it can be driftwood, grapewood, cholla wood, or whatever (untreated wood only). Then you glue the air plants and dress it with whatever you want. We usually use moss but that’s all up to you …sand works too. Shoot, use styrofoam peanuts if you wanna tick off a few people.

The wine crate could be used for potted plants too – think of these crates as a type of shadow box.

It would be good to place your wine crate near a bright window but that’s all up to you because I have no idea what your house looks like. Maybe you live in a cave and in that case you might want to skip growing plants in there.

For real though, this is an easy idea – you can stack them against a wall with a window near it or put them in your covered patio. I say covered because these wince crates aren’t made to be weather proof. They will age quick outdoors, but if you’re like us you’ll probably like that.

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  1. Great job babe.

  2. Job well done…

  3. Love it! Very professional paint work on the inside as well. The Far Niente crate is so attractive too. Did you varnish/weatherproof the sides?

    • Organic Crafter says

      Thank you Winepine! Actually, we did not weatherproof it because we had been using the crates when we have a plant sale out of our home. They made great display cases so they were never outdoors except for the sale. We thought they looked kinda cool so we thought we’d share the idea.