Simple Bamboo Business Card Holder

Yep, more bamboo but it’s just so darned versatile! We promise, more plant stuff soon although, this idea can work as a planter just as easy.

This is very much in the spirit of keeping things simple, a bamboo business card holder! We made it out of necessity because we didn’t have one …what other reason would there be? We wanted it to hold a lot of cards because it is to be used at an arts and crafts show, the Atomic Holiday Bazaar!

Our business cards are also vertical, or portrait, or however you want to say it. This project probably needs some adjustments for the regular horizontal cards. You would need to cut out a little more of the bamboo to be able to see the horizontal cards.

So we grabbed a section of bamboo about 3.5 inches in diameter with a node on both ends The node is the part of the bamboo that has the solid section inside.

We marked out the piece we wanted to cut out of the bamboo. Then we drilled a hole into the bamboo to be able to begin cutting. We inserted the blade of a jig saw (the only saw we have right now) into the hole we just drilled and cut out a slightly uneven organic shape, but not too uneven.

Then we used a dremel to sand the edges we just cut until they were rounded and smooth. Regular old fashioned sand paper works too, but just a bit slower.

To keep the bamboo from rolling around on the table we chose corks and glued them to the bottom. To do that, we placed several corks in a row on the surface of our work table with a thumbtack on each end to keep them in place.

We squirted a generous amount of E6000 glue across the top of the corks.

Then placed the bamboo business card holder onto the glue and then waited for it to dry.

We added some twine, threw on a couple beads and there you go, a bamboo business card holder! Simple!

It’s easy, it’s simple and it works great as a business card holder.

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  1. Looking for dry bamboo of 16″ dia approximately for interior purpose