Key Box Makeover

We picked up a key box at Michael’s Craft Store because we have a lot of keys, why else would we buy one?

It was your run-of-the-mill key box, nothing spectacular, but we knew we would eventually give it some enhancements to make it more unique.


It hung on our wall near the front door for a while and eventually, one of the little hooks inside the key box became lose and needed to be repaired. Nothing affordable is made to last very long these days, sad but true.Goodbye burlap

There really wasn’t anything wrong with the before and I’m sure some of you may like the original better, but after we look at something for a year, we’re usually up for a change.

The first thing we wanted to see go was the burlap on the back of the inside of the key box with the word, KEYS on it   ….maybe they thought we would forget what the box was for?

We found some art deco inspired patterns online to use in place of the burlap. We used a program called, Inkscape to print the patterns on one sheet of heavy paper. You don’t have to use Inkscape, you can just print directly from photo/image file, or…

  • use patterned scrapbook paper
  • wallpaper
  • fabric
  • or simply paint the back of the box.

Art Deco

After printing, cut to size with scissors or straight edge, whatever your preference.

We glued the heavy paper with Tacky Glue. It was either that or E6000 which seemed like overkill.

Art Deco 2

Then we painted parts of the box metallic chrome using a lot painters tape. Whatever color or design you want to do…Metallic Chrome

Then came the door and the pathetic little handle they used to grab to open the door. I mean, why bother? It was small and hard to grab so originally, we tied a seashell to it with a string for easier grabbing.

This time we had a few different ideas but we went with a synthetic wine cork. It’s very easy to grab and it’s very lightweight, plus it doesn’t make any noise when it flops around…

We used a little eye hook screw and screwed it into the end of the synthetic wine cork.

Then we painted it using the same metallic chrome paint we used earlier.

We thought about adding more to it or enhancing it with something black but decided not to overdo it and keep it on the simple side…

Synthetic Wine Cork

That’s about it, finished key box makeover!


IMG_2319 (1)

Side view

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  1. Love the idea! Looks like something the Gaines family would put in one of their Fixer Upper episodes on HGTV.