Easy Framed Monogram

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” -Leonardo da Vinci

This is a very easy recycle/repurpose project idea that you can do to personalize your wall or any other space in your home. We aren’t really the monogrammed towel types but we had these letters we acquired over Christmas 2010 and they’ve been moved here, there and everywhere…  until we made them into framed monograms.

Tools we used in photo below: foam board, spray paint, ruler, pencil, exacto knife, tape and glue.

The tools you use to make framed monograms depend on the materials. If you use cardboard/poster board then you will probably want scissors. You can also use fabric or old wallpaper as your background to your letter, but we went simple and used foam board and paint we already had on hand.

We used a couple old 5×7 frames for the monograms but first we removed the back along with the glass. After those were removed, we painted them white with gloss spray paint.

Next we measured and cut out two pieces of foam board to insert into the back of the frames. Measure each one as all frames tend to never be exactly the same even if the label says 5×7.

We painted each piece of foam black on one side. Caution: spray paint can dissolve foam but foam board usually has a protective layer on either side so it can be painted. We used the cheap variety from the dollar store and purposely left imperfections in both the frames and board  …we both kinda like imperfections.

Next, we used a little bit of glue to secure the metal letters onto the black side of the background and waited until dry. After they were secure, we inserted the pieces into each frame and that is all there is to it. Again, your steps may vary depending on your materials on hand.

When the framed monograms are simple and/or neutral they can be used with more than on color scheme as shown below.

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