Easily Renew the Outdated

I deeply believe that a beautiful decor can have a beneficial influence on our lives.” -Albert Hadley

A trip to the second hand store or your attic will save you bundles of money if you renew outdated home décor. During a recent visit to our attic we found an old fish (photo below) that was once more attractive years ago (15 to 20 yrs old) when it was new and dare we say, in-style? Nowadays, when you visit a retail store most things seem to be one solid color.

As we look at it now it just seems to scream for an updated makeover to bring it into the 21st century.

If there isn’t anything worthwhile in your attic, shop your local Goodwill, Salvation Army, ReStore or any garage sale for shapes you like and disregard the color. Especially if it is from the 1970’s, because it will no doubt be a hideous burnt orange, rancid yellow or avocado green …or all of the above!

All you need to renew outdated accessories is to head to the paint section and pick yourself up some white gloss spray paint (or any complimentary color in your decor palette).

If you are not sure of a palette to decorate with just do an online search for “2012 home décor color trends” or whatever year it is when you perform the search.

Take your statue, tchotchke, knick knack or whatever ….and spray it completely white. It will probably take a couple coats. Spray lightly and evenly to avoid causing the paint to run.

Depending on the size, you could easily pay between $30 to $100 for a simple ceramic or wood accessory at some of the popular home furnishing stores. Renewing your accessories will cost you about $2 at the second hand store or garage sale and about $3 for a can of white gloss paint. How can you go wrong?

Update: Moved the Fish to our Tropical-Themed Guest Bathroom

We spray painted the white fish with a can a spray paint, the color was Lagoon. Then we sanded it until the white showed through, then sanded other areas until the original finish showed through. Now it’s part of the tropical theme in the guest bath.


Now it has that beachy weathered look!

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