Color Therapy & Repurposed Concrete

Colors answer feeling in man; shapes answer thought; and motion answers will.” -John Sterling

This isn’t so much a craft or even a tutorial on a craft, it’s about surrounding ourselves with colors that inspire us in an interesting and slightly unusual ways. How about repurposed cinder block or concrete? It’s kinda like a pet rock but with more attitude! Sure, it’s normal to paint different accessories in your home or bring in colorful pillows but why not something more unique?

Influence of Color

It’s a known fact that color influences our feelings and state of mind and you can see it all around you everyday. The use of red in fast food restaurants stimulates our appetites and the speed in which you get and eat your food …FAST! Green has a calming effect and makes you feel refreshed making it a popular color in hospitals.

Color therapy, also known as chromotherapy, can help your moods and emotional well-being so why would you not want to take advantage of that? You can Google the meaning of color and color therapy until your eyes fall out, there’s a lot of stuff out there.

Interesting Shapes

All we did was grab some broken but interesting pieces of concrete that were landfill-bound, cleaned them off with water and a scrub brush and let them dry. Then went into our garage and grabbed the first can of spray paint that “spoke” to us for our idea. That concrete would be repurposed in metallic gold. Concrete is a plus because even the cat can’t knock it over.

Some Meanings of the Color Gold

Universal love, strengthens self-confidence, represents the good and noble, symbolizes silence (silence is golden), good health, creativity, perfection, wealth, luxury, winning, worldly power, magical power, overcoming addictions or bad habits, happiness and is associated with the Sun.

All pretty great things right? So we figured, what the hell, let’s try this color therapy. We’ll keep a golden brick where we can see it often and maybe some other colors too. I mean why not… we’re bringing in color and helping to keep crap out of landfills.

We love the gold cinder block because of it’s simplicity and interesting shape.

Below is another one we did based on the American Flag because ONE) July Fourth is coming and TWO) That’s what color paint I found in the garage!Red, White, Blue, Gold

The flag design was repurposed from an broken cement block used for creating an edge or border in your garden or lawn.

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  1. Good stuff as usual!! I am surprised you are not showing some of the “sun sparklers” with your unique touch.