Cobalt Blue Glass and Metal Wine Bottle Vase

Simplicity and repose are the qualities that measure the true value of any work of art.” -Frank Lloyd Wright

We found this cobalt blue wine bottle under the kitchen sink and decided to make another vase because we had some leftover metal mesh or “hardware cloth” that we used to make a large birdcage. We thought the metal would look great against the cobalt blue wine bottle.

Cobalt Blue

If you want to make a cobalt blue wine bottle vase, it is a good idea to read through the directions and photos to make sure it all makes sense before you start measuring, cutting, and twisting.

Tool Suggestions:

Assuming your bottle is empty and labels are removed we’ll jump right in to the first step.

Cobalt Blue

Step 1) Cut Your “Hardware Cloth”

Using wire cutters, we cut a band of the hardware cloth to wrap tightly around the wine bottle – size of bottle determines how long that will be, but the height is your preference.

Cobalt Blue Vase

Step 2) Cut Lengths of Wire for Support

Next we cut 3 lengths of wire that we will use to attach to the hardware cloth and twist together at the bottom of the wine bottle for supporting the vase. One of the wires will be almost twice as long as the others. Again, the length depends on you wine bottle size.

Step 3) “Sew” Hardware Cloth

We wrapped the band around the wine bottle and threaded the longest wire through to hold the band together, then we “sewed” the band together [photo below].

We left the length of the wire intact which should be a few inches longer than the wine bottle.

Wine Bottle Vase

Step 4) Attach 2 Remaining Support Wires

Remove band by sliding it off either end of your wine bottle to attach the 2 remaining supports – thread it through hole in mesh, give a couple twists until secure.

You should have three support wires extending a few inches beyond the wine bottle bottom – twist them together at the bottom until they are secure.

Wine Bottle Vase

Step 5) Make Loop for Hanging (optional)

If you want your Cobalt Blue Vase to hang create a loop [photo below]. Use a pen, marker, wood dowel, or whatever is lying around to bend the wire around, then twist it tightly.

Cobalt Blue

Then twist the opposite end into the mesh band and you are done!

Wine Bottle Vase

Then twist the opposite end into the mesh band.

Now you have your Cobalt Blue Vase-  Except for flowers!

Wine Bottle
What you see in our cobalt blue vase [below] is actually weeds from the backyard- a type of grass and an invasive species called the Air Potato Vine

Cobalt Blue Glass and Metal Wine Bottle Vase

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