Bird Nest Bottle Cap Magnets

Nature does nothing uselessly.” -Aristotle

Bottle cap magnets are nothing new but we tried something a little different than the usual sleek and shiny design normally seen with these magnets. Nature is our thing so we tried to bring a little of that to the bottle cap magnets and used what nature provided minus the glue and paint.



We painted the bottle caps first but it’s not really a requirement since that side of the cap will end up facing away from you and you will never see it anyway. We used a paint that gives the illusion of hammered metal but any “earthy” color would do.


Next step is the glue – use the glue of your choice. If you found one you prefer to work with, why change? We used our versatile E6000 glue as usual. Hot glue would work too but since we would be pressing stuff into it we would end up burning the heck out of our fingers so keep that in mind.

Fill the entire inside of the bottle cap with glue and make sure to spread it around so it touches right up to the side of the cap – maximizing the glue area and hold.


We used sheet moss to make a little nest on the inside of the bottle cap by pressing it into the glue. Try keeping it a little thicker toward the sides.

Then we used seeds from a plant called Jequirity (Abrus precatorius) also known as Rosary Pea, Crab’s Eye, Indian Licorice among many others. It’s know for it’s bright red color and a big black dot on one end. We thought they would make nice “eggs” for the nest since they were the perfect size. We know red eggs are weird but who cares.

We don’t think red eggs actually exist in nature but after a quick search we learned Peregrine Falcon eggs are sometimes red although not the same red as the seeds we used, but that’s okay. They can be striped or even gold if you want them to be…


The last step is to glue the magnet to the back of the bottle cap and you will have your finished bottle cap magnets.  Magnets come in strong and worthless, make sure your magnets feels strong before you buy them ….you can always test them out at the store on something metal.

Bird Nest Magnets

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  2. Those are straight poisoness

    • Organic Crafter says

      Thank goodness we didn’t put them in cookies. Pretty sure the glue and bottle caps are harmful if swallowed too 🙂