Paint Drop Cloth Art …by Accident

All painting is an accident. But it’s also not an accident, because one must select what part of the accident one chooses to preserve. -Francis Bacon

Art is so often an accident and that definitely applies to this drop cloth we used to paint Halloween skeletons from the dollar store. I think it was 3 years ago when we painted these skeletons silver so we’ve had this drop cloth sitting around for that long before we got around to doing something with it. Better late than never!

Drop Cloth Art 02

This was packed away in a chest out in the garage, we completely forgot we had it until we decided to clean, organize and purge the other week.

I really can’t justify writing an entire post for this because it’s far too simple.

The drop cloth we used was actually an old white sheet. We put the little skeletons in a row, spray-painted them silver and BAM, the drop cloth was now art ….and by total accident.

Drop Cloth Art 01

We cut out the part of the sheet/drop cloth we wanted to frame and stuck it in an inexpensive frame from Ikea. Done.

There’s some copper paint in there too from a different project but it makes it more interesting.

What more can I say about it? Not a whole lot I guess!

A few things we have done turned out best when we screwed up in the first place. Then trying to make the mistake look like it belongs there is sometimes why people think we’re so creative. They might say, “You’re so creative, I never would have thought of that.” But inside we’re laughing because we’re also saying, “I wish I had thought of that too!”

When you really screw up a project don’t destroy it right away, think how you could make the mistake work for you, as if it were planned the entire time.

Drop Cloth Art 03

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  1. Love it. Some accidents I love 🙂