Civilization’s End: Mother Nature’s Bitch-Slap

That’s the thing about Mother Nature, she really doesn’t care what economic bracket you’re in.” -Whoopi Goldberg

This may be a bit “out there” but here goes…

There is a dream I often have about the end of civilization as we know it, but in the end I am always alive while helping to lead many survivors into a new unknown future.

The dream itself is always different but the theme is recurring and I am almost always climbing up some kind of big cargo net hanging over a cliff and I’m struggling to climb higher. As I reach the top the dream normally ends.

So… those dreams inspired this piece that you’re either going to think is really kind of cool art or you’re going to think, “What the Hell!?

When I found this old brick partially covered in cement, it inspired me to make this art  …this sculpture? I used anything and everything that looked like a broken piece of civilization.

The mangled mess around the brick represents what man is doing to the earth. The air plant growing out of the top represents Mother Nature rising again from the ashes like a Phoenix.

She has all the time in the Universe to heal (at least a couple billion years!)   …we do not.

This is why we are so big on recycling, as well as reusing and re-purposing things in our projects that we rescue from the trash among other places. We also like the challenge of reusing items in the home rather than going out to buy anything new. Sometimes you have to buy new but it doesn’t have to be as often as you might think.

That is exactly what this art project was made from – rescued trash and an air plant plucked from a nearby tree.

Below are a few more photos.

We hope you enjoyed this design that was inspired by a dream…

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  1. I believe your creation perfectly achieved what you wanted it to say. It certainly spoke to me. As a senior citizen hoping for a world left to enjoy by my grandchildren and great nephew and any offspring they may produce, it is a clear reminder that our stewardship of the Earth is not being taken as seriously as it needs to be. Mother Nature can only overcome so much on her own. We need to be her helpmate, not her attacker.

  2. This is incredible, especially because I have the same kind of recurring dreams about leading people after something major;)

    • Organic Crafter says

      Thank you Adam!! Maybe I should try to remember those dreams more often for other projects.


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