The 10th Annual Atomic Holiday Bazaar!

Hello patient people! This post is mainly for our local area here in Sarasota, Florida… but we are also working on a follow-up post that is relevant for everyone.

That post will be about choosing healthy Tillandsia (air plants). We’ll tell you what to look for and what to stay away from, so stay tuned!

Atomic Holiday Bazaar

For the local area, we wanted to let you know about the arts n craft show, Atomic Holiday Bazaar, and give you a sneak peak at a few things we just began working on for that show. As we get closer to the show, we’ll be adding more photos as soon as we create the pieces.

Tillandsia on Driftwood

Below are Tillandsia “Jellys” because they remind people of jellyfish. We will have 6 varieties available but if you can’t wait, we already have a few listed on our Etsy Shop!


The Tillandsia Tectorum (below) is a favorite and they usually go quickly! They are fuzzy and do noty need much water at all, as they are from a dry climate in South America.


This year we will also be bringing Prehistoric Shark Tooth Necklaces! Yes, these are real fossilized shark teeth!

Prehistoric Shark Tooth Necklaces










We hope you liked what you saw!

Now we’ll get back to work so we can bring you some more sneak peaks at what’s being created.

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