Respect Your Garden Helping Wasps

I was just outside drinking my coffee and noticed my little wasp helpers buzzing around our plants eliminating pests.  I thought this could inspire you to try nature’s way…

Waps At Work

Let them “Bee”

Sometimes while trimming bushes or weeding, I’ll look up and will be staring directly at an angry wasp which I have disturbed by my obnoxious rattling of his home. I never run for a can of bug spray but I do back off and allow the wasps to survive and do their thing.

My partner and I are both allergic to bee stings but haven’t been stung in ages because we are aware of our surroundings and we respect the bees.

Nature’s Pest Control

We are happy to have several wasp nests strategically located around the yard. They are forever flying through our plants hunting for other insects to feed to their larvae. Best part is, they are 100% free and natural.

Nature’s Pollinator

Adult wasps don’t eat the insects like their young, but mostly feed on nectar and sap. This is also a help to you because, like the Honey Bee, they will help cross-pollinate your plants! Again, a totally free and natural service!

Trick Your Wasps

If you don’t want wasps to build on your porch, paint the ceiling blue like the sky.  They will think they have inadequate shelter and avoid building a nest there.

Obviously, nests are sometimes found in the wrong places which are too close for comfort and you may have a need to eliminate it.  Just remember to exercise caution around them.

“What you do not want others to do to you, do not do to others.” – Confucius

  • Killing all your wasp nests will help your garden pests (not good)
  • Then you will be forced to buy a pesticide (which is a poison)
  • Then you will end up poisoning your garden (and spending money)
  • If you’re growing edible plants you will be poisoning yourself as you did the wasps.

…see how that comes back to sting you?

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