Convenient Cloth!

Every convenience brings its own inconveniences along with it.” -Proverb

One can use cloth napkins instead of paper serviettes...Forget the environment for a moment and think inconvenience. We are all programmed to think disposable equals convenience, but over the last several months we have learned that sometimes disposable means inconvenient and more expensive! I think it’s pretty safe to assume those are two things we all try very hard to avoid.

Here is what we have learned about paper napkins and paper towels… we don’t like them. Originally we switched to reusable cloth napkins and towels to be more environmentally friendly but we also realized cloth is convenient!

Three inconvenient things about  disposable paper products:

  • Remembering to get them (over and over until we die!)
  • Wasting money on them (over and over until we die!)
  • Finding somewhere to put them.

The good news on washing them – we have found no noticeable or measurable difference in laundry detergent purchased or extra water being used. We can do laundry in the convenience of our home and that is better than trekking to the store to buy more napkins and paper towels.

The only difference has been a fatter wallet because these products get expensive!

How many cloth napkins you start with will depend on the number of people in your house, how many times a napkin is used, and how often you do your laundry. We often use the same cloth napkin for the entire day if not longer, it just depends what we’ve been eating. Different foods are messier than others.

Cloth is convenient, otherwise clothes would be made of paper!

Another thing, don’t let the television scare you into submission with fears of death by not cleaning your kitchen with a disposable paper product. It’s all just marketing to get you to buy their product and fatten their wallet. We are still alive and rarely get sick. [smile]

Try it for a couple months and see how it works – you might prefer it like we do! The only disposable paper product we use is 100% recycled toilet paper.

If you have a pet it is always a great idea to keep one roll of paper towels for those unpleasant clean-up jobs if you know what we mean. Now that is convenient!

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