Happy Earth Day 2011

We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children.” ~Native American Proverb

Earth Day 2011

Earth Day is here again and what are you going to do? If you are not sure what to do we have a few ideas and so does the Earth Day Network!

Go to the Earth Day Network to share your pledge of your Act of Green this Earth Day. They are trying to reach a billion acts of green so you better hustle!

Organize an Earth Day event (a party!)
Plant a garden (yee haw)
Volunteer to clean a beach or park (my fav)
Change out your light bulbs (when they burn out!)
Eat more local food (beware of Ceviche!)
Carpool (wash feet first)
Call or write your legislator (the least fun)
Solar Panels (unless you live above Arctic circle)
Replace toxic detergents with GREEN ones (We don’t mean the color green)
Start composting (the easiest – its almost like hoarding)
Shop at a second hand store (that means “used” Not actual hands!)

We believe we should be doing what we can each and every day we wake up, and every year we’re alive. In our home we always do what we can, when we can (or else feel guilty as heck).

If we all start with something small and perfect it, then it becomes normal. When that happens you can make another change until that becomes the norm….and so on…..and so on! See how easy!? Before you realize it you will have changed many things and have made quite an impact.

We were born and bred to be good little consumers but one day there will be nothing left to consume and your children will turn and look at you and ask why you didn’t do a thing. See how we’re using guilt? [grin] Hey, we’ll try anything!

Being a consumer means we must make responsible purchases on quality items that will last.  There’s no point in buying poorly made products that need to be replaced often – that’s insanity.  We as consumers have a lot of power and most people don’t realize it.  Use your power wisely and make a difference!

More projects coming soon!     Have a Happy Earth Day everyone!