Clean-Up! The Party is Over

Don’t agonize, organize.” ~Florynce R. Kennedy

The party is over, the guests have gone, and it’s that dreaded day after when we see the fallout of a massive Halloween bomb that exploded in your home. Now it’s time to clean-up.

Clean-up and packing your Halloween stuff up with a little care will help keep it in better condition and make everything last longer, and it’s basic common sense organizing.

Instead of boxes, we prefer to use the 20 gallon size plastic containers as they easily stack in nice neat color coded towers. Some are even made from recycled materials.

Lighting & Electronics Tote

Fog machines, strobe lights, black lights, colored party bulbs, small animatronics, etc…

Food & Bar Tote

The unused plates, cups, napkins and other food and bar accessories. Pack these up with any Halloween serving dishes, tablecloths, jello molds, etc…

Costumes & Accessories Tote

All costumes either worn or used as props …pirate swords, witch brooms, etc, can go together.

We usually try to pack wigs and makeup together, but ultimately, they are part of the costumes and accessories. If you like your stuff to last, it’s a good idea to put the wigs into those big ziplock bags to keep them from becoming one giant tangled wig.

Regular Décor Tote

These things are your normal decorations that don’t fit any of the above categories.

Clean-up and Pack-up properly to make next Halloween infinitely easier to set up for, especially when you don’t have to check every tote for something specific. If you need some lighting to show off a prop, then you know exactly where to look – the lighting tote.

If you need to repurpose a costume or only want to tear it up to reuse the fabric, then you know where to look.

Even if you wanted to use the tablecloth in your costume next year, the point is, you will know where to look.

It’s amazing how many times you can reuse something if kept in good shape and that’s why clean-up is important.

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