New Year’s Eve Party Inspiration

Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow.” -Einstein

New Year's EveA New Year’s Eve party idea cam about in the mid-1980’s. During New Year’s Eve (also a cousin’s birthday) we decided we wanted party hats but no one had bought any so we had to make them out of newspaper and scotch tape. We had attempted to make the classic pointy party hats but ended up with something much larger and not that pointy. They looked like the hat the Pope would wear! The name stuck and we call them “Pope Hats” to this very day.

Every New Year’s Eve, no matter where we are, we all stop to make our hat (usually after a couple cocktails). If we are not together on that night, we Skype online to show off our hats or send pictures. Over the past couple of years we introduced this tradition to our group of friends and they loved it!

Party Idea Materials

Absolutely anything! Sometimes we use old holiday shopping bags and sometimes we hit the craft or party store to buy a few New Year’s Eve party hat making supplies. It’s good if you have a lot of tape, glue and maybe a stapler. Markers, old magazines …anything and everything! There are NO rules and no set way to make a party hat. Have a couple drinks and just have fun.

Pope Hats

One New Year’s Eve we all bought something for someone else that they HAD to incorporate into their hats.

Pope Hats


When the New Year’s hats are done you will see all the crazy personalities of your friends in their hats. Some will be cute, some will be spectacular, some with working lights and some will be X-rated (you know who you are)!


Another party idea is to save everyone’s New Year’s hats (unless they want to take them home) and use them to decorate with for the following New Year’s Eve Party. Plaster the walls with them and your guests will remember the good times and then try to outdo their old hats.

Here are a few more to give you an idea.  I cropped out the faces to protect the innocent!

Party hats      Pope Hats

Pope Hats       Party Ideas

Have a safe and happy holiday season!

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