Tip for Inexpensive Halloween Signs!

Double, double toil and trouble; fire burn and cauldron bubble.” -Shakespeare “Macbeth”

Inexpensive Halloween DecorGo into any Halloween store to purchase some creepy signs to decorate for the Trick or Treaters or your Halloween party and you will discover they are not cheap! We’re talking about those signs that say, “Beware!” “Turn Back Now!” or wooden crosses with “RIP” on them, etc, etc…

There’s a much, much simpler idea that will save you money and your signs will even look better than the store bought variety. It’s also more eco-friendly as you won’t be buying more plastic and styrofoam. Remember, when you buy things you are voting, YES, I like this product so please make more!

Three things you will need:

  • The Wood – Scraps can be found in your garage or a friend’s house, etc. We find old scrap pieces from other people’s trash. The more aged it looks, the better! – FREE
  • A Magnifying Glass – No electricity needed. If you don’t own one then you may as well buy one since we will all need them as we get older to read things on labels! $2.00 and up.
  • The SunFREE

Figure out what you want your Halloween sign to say then you can write it out with a pencil so you have something to follow with your beam of light.

If you never burned things as a kid with a magnifying glass then you’ll need to play with the glass to figure out the best angle. Hold the glass so that one side is facing the sun and move it around until you get the light as tiny as you can. The smaller the speck of light, the hotter it is.

The bigger the magnifying glass and the higher in the sky the sun is, the easier this is to do. It wouldn’t hurt to have some water nearby in case you accidentally set your board on fire.

Later you can dress up the sign with a little moss or anything that suits your theme. If you don’t have a green thumb and you have some dead house plants sitting around you may as well use them for Halloween too.

This project uses the FREE energy of the sun (imagine that), recycles old wood that may end up in a landfill, plus keeps your wallet mostly intact!

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