Hatched Easter Eggs, A Surprise for Kids!

The real magic wand is the child’s own mind.” – José Ortega y Gasset

As adults we tend to think our holidays are a bit off the wall with the Easter bunny, mischievous leprechauns, and hefty old men sliding down chimneys, but as a kid, they are so amazing! The wonder and magic that kids believe is what makes being a kid so much fun! Why not create an Easter Egg surprise?

So here’s a little something to really add to the magic of a childhood Easter. It’s simple really  ….just leave one or more of your Easter eggs out with evidence that it has hatched! Surprise! Can you imagine seeing this as a kid? We would have flipped out! It’s even more perfect if you got your child a pet BUT we have to say there are a lot of rabbits turned in to the shelter after Easter so make sure you are able to care for it properly.

First we spray painted a 20 piece egg carton watermelon pink. It’s not the foam carton, but the type made of paper because spray paint can make the foam type disintegrate before your eyes.

Next we did a simple water/vinegar/food coloring dye job on a bunch of eggs. Nothing fancy here as the focus is really on the egg that mysteriously “hatched” overnight.

Then we washed out a couple eggshells from breakfast that were cracked in half and we dyed them so they had color inside and out.

Then we placed them in the egg carton leaving the hatched eggs near the edge with a few colorful feathers trailing off to give the illusion a baby bird scurried away and now must be found. Not too many feathers otherwise it may look like there was an unfortunate incident with a predator.

Sure, in reality baby birds have no feathers like this but it’s all in good fun for the kids. They will believe only if you do.

The type of critter that hatched from your “Easter Egg Surprise” is up to you but we are using feathers we collected from our Lovebirds so I guess it will have to be a bird. If you want a bunny to hatch then maybe bunny footprints leading away from the hatched egg? ( search Google Images for  “rabbit tracks” or “bunny footprints” )  It could be a plush toy or maybe it just hatched and returned to Easter Bunny Land?

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