Halloween Lantern Scene

“Shadows of a thousand years rise again unseen,
Voices whisper in the trees, “Tonight is Halloween!
-Dexter Kozen

Halloween is approaching and it has become a multi-billion dollar business but don’t freak out because it can be done for less if you’re up for being creative. Honestly, that’s the best way as your decor will be uniquely yours!

Halloween Lantern

For this small project we worked with our patio lanterns, you know the ones, you can find them everywhere. They are usually metal and glass, squared, round, and meant to put a candle in for a little mood lighting. If you already have these lanterns then the cost of this project is a whopping $1.25 per lantern! The trick – use what you have.

We removed the candles and sea shells we had in the lanterns and put them away then we dug out a couple short strings of white Christmas lights – a small string of either 25 or 50 lights. Tip: Led lights are best since they don’t produce heat. You could also use a few battery powered tea-light candles which are also everywhere.

We live in Florida so there is plenty of free Spanish Moss hanging off the trees so we used it to cover our lights. You don’t have to use Spanish Moss – if you are up north there should be dead leaves all over the place by Halloween time.

They start out looking like the photos above and below until you’ve added enough free dead twigs and whatever else you think looks cool!

The lighting is what makes it looks so cool – lighting is everything as you can see below!

Halloween Decorations

After the moss, leaves, crushed pine cones (or whatever) is sprinkled over your lighting inside the lantern we placed a gravestone ($1.00) inside along with a miniature skeleton ($1.00 for Skeleton garland) next to the gravestone. We cut the skeleton garland apart to use them individually.

Then we placed some miniature trees (twigs-free) and some other dead or dying plant from the yard (free). Shut the lantern, plug it in and you are done. This was just one trick we used and we will be bringing you more ideas for Halloween!

Below is one more photo with a flash so you can see how simple it was.  The dim lighting in the photos above is what makes it look so awesome!


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