Wandering Jew Grows Where No Plant Has Grown Before

What is a weed? A plant whose virtues have never been discovered.” -Ralph Waldo Emerson

Wandering Jew 003

We have had some problem areas around the house where nothing would grow or grew very poorly. Maybe you’ve had the same problems?

Let us tell you about two of ours….

Problem Area 1.) Dog Poop

We rent our home and the previous tenant had a bunch of dogs in the small back yard, and where there are dogs, there must be piles of dog poop! We heard all sorts of horror stories from the neighbors about how bad the smell was and we guess it took it’s toll on the soil.

We installed sod back there once and it quickly died! It’s an area where even the weeds have problems growing so it was 99% dirt and dead leaves.

Problem Area 2.) Shade Under a Big Oak Tree

The front yard has a big oak tree with big exposed roots with not too much growing except a handful of struggling weeds. It’s a Live Oak and has big sprawling branches so it’s very shaded.

Solution: Wandering Jew!

We tried Wandering Jew because we noticed it growing in our pile of yard waste, a resilient little plant!

Wandering Jew 002

All we did was toss cuttings on the ground and it grew! No actual “planting” required and we didn’t need to get it rooted in water. It literally grew wherever we dropped it. Yes, even in the dog poop area!

Best of all, it grows like a weed! We routinely have to cut it back by hand or beat it into submission with the weed whacker. It’s a great ground cover for problem areas and you probably want to keep it separate from your flower or vegetable garden as it may smother everything.

Wandering Jew

As you may know, we are in Florida and Wandering Jew can survive outdoors, but actually do and look better in a shady area. If you’re in a cooler climate, Wandering Jew can be grown indoors as a potted or hanging plant.

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