Tillandsia Hanging in a Glass Globe

Why have a little air plant in a tiny glass globe when you could have a great big one in a glass globe vase? That’s what we thought…

Tillandsia Globe 01Go on out there and get yourself a nice glass globe vase… Another option is an old glass globe from a light fixture and it’s another good way to recycle. Although, you won’t be able to sit it on a table top instead of hanging it.

We filled the globe vase with a random bunch of seashells and garden snail shells ….and a vertebrae from and unknown animal. Why not? It’s all nature….nature in a globe.

Instead of sea shells, you could use pinecones, moss, spanish moss, pine needles, a bunch of wine corks or anything you want ….a bunch of plastic toy dinosaurs, Legos, who cares! It’s yours and you have to look at it…

Next, you find a plant holder or you could go ahead and make your own. Andujar made this one you see in the photo from a twine. You could also use a heavy monofilament (fish line) or a nylon twine.

We may have to do a tutorial on the plant hanger, probably with a video, but for now you could buy one you like or just place the vase on a table instead.

The plant used in this post is called, Tillandsia “Heather’s Blush.” It does well in bright indirect light and should be watered once per week.

It’s probably a good idea to remove the air plant when you water it or else you get water in the globe, then you get spots and that’s more cleaning…. who the hell needs that?

If you have questions on caring for tillandsia (air plants) you can find simple instructions at our Tillandsia Care page. We have more plants to add and they’ll be put up in time…

Some more photos…

Globe 02

Globe 01

Tillandsia Globe 02

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