Enhancing Your Driftwood: An Example of Our Custom Work

Good design is a lot like clear thinking made visual.” — Edward Tufte

Tillandsia come in many shapes, sizes, color and some are very fragrant! Some flower in extraordinary ways while others have subtle blooms. Some like it wet, others like it dry, some are strong and another may be prone to break by a passing squirrel! Some like indirect light and some love the full sun so which do you use, where do you put them and where do you start?

Sarasota, FL

Custom work with tillandsia is a service we provide here in Sarasota, Florida. We wanted to show you an example of the what we do for people who already own an attractive wood piece but are interested in having it enhanced with tillandsia also known as air plants.

This wood piece was brought to us bare but already had the little round base at the bottom that we reinforced to give it more strength and stability.


We did have a picture of the piece before we applied air plants to it but for some reason, our camera ate that photo! It’s been doing that lately and always with photos we kinda need …but anyway….

Then our job was to apply plants in a design that was pleasing to the senses as well as easy to care for.

If you are in the Sarasota, Florida area and are interested in having a great piece of driftwood you may have found at the beach enhanced with tillandsia then we can most certainly help you. We can help you attain the custom look you have in mind or you can turn us loose on it and be surprised like the project you see here.

If you feel you want to give it a shot and do it yourself then be sure to visit some of our tutorials on air plants under the Flora section at the top of this page. You might be surprised at what you’re capable of doing all by yourself!

Please feel free to use our contact form at the top of this page to inquire about our custom services here in beautiful, sunny Sarasota!

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