Summertime Tin Can Candle Holders

You can tell how high a society is by how much of its garbage is recycled.” -Dhyani Ywahoo

This summer, will you need candle holders that you can leave outdoors on the patio that you won’t have to worry about getting damaged? If they blow away in a storm this summer you won’t care – or if they fall off the table or blow into your pool there will be no glass to cut you.

Candle for Summertime

This project is so easy and so simple we believe the hardest part will be getting the lid off with a can opener.

Use any size can or use every size can, make one or make a dozen, it does not matter. Just use whatever you have or raid the neighbors recycle bin when they aren’t looking.

Step One) Freeze!

Assuming you have already eaten the food and removed the label from your can, you will want to fill the can with water and put the can in your freezer. The ice will keep the can from denting when you hammer in the holes later on..


Step Two) Tools

You will need a towel to place the can on to keep it from rolling around and to soak up the melting ice. Also grab a hammer and a nail or screw to punch holes through the tin can.

Summer Candle Holder

Step Three) Start Hammering

Don’t worry about doing an elaborate symbol, long words, or anything too complicated. We’ve found that the more simple the design, the better it will appear at night when your candle is lit. You also want to have the hammering done before your ice melts anyway, plus the hammering tends to crack the ice and it speeds up the melting.

Two or three good taps on the nail will make a decent hole.

Summertime Candle

Step Four) Hammer Can Bottom Flat

You may have noticed the bottom of your can expanded when the water froze but it’s easy to fix. After the ice melts, turn the can upside down and lightly tap the bottom of the can with the hammer until it is flat enough to stand it up and be level.


Candle Holders for Summer

Step Five) Finished Tin Can Candle Holder

Wait til it gets dark, put a tea-light candle in it and you’re done. We prefer tea-lights because they burn for a few hours and go out, there is no wax running all over the place and they are low and will provide even light throughout all your holes in the can.

Summer Nights

When summer is over you can throw them into the recycle bin!

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