A Simple Barbed Wire Wreath

I saw some barbed wire that we had hanging on the back fence. I thought of our friend who recently made a barbed wire wreath as a Christmas gift and I thought, hmmmm….. Sure, it’s been done before but I felt like I wanted to give it a shot to see what I could do with it.

Barbed Wire Wreath 02

My Challenge: To use whatever I could find in the house instead of going out to buy things to use. It’s a good way to recycle stuff without spending money.

Start with a ring of barbed wire, of course, but you’ll want to wear heavy gloves if you have ’em. I really wished the barbed wire was rusty, so damn you technology for producing barbed wire that refuses to rust!

Barbed Wire Ring

I used the two ends of the barbed wire and wrapped it around the wire ring to secure the wreath shape.

Barbed Wire

The next thing I found was a scrap piece of burlap. I wrapped it around the section of wire that I just used to secure the shape of the wreath. The barbs helped hold the burlap in place and I also glued (with E6000) the edge of the burlap to itself.


Then I found some moss and thought it would look good. The bag said, “Preserved Moss” and the tag said, “Mood Moss (Preserved)” and it was from Hobby Lobby. Then I glued that down…



I found a clear plastic dragonfly so I glued it down at the edge of the moss.

I found the box of manzanita branches the “Plant Man” had ordered for another project he was doing. I used one of his scrap pieces and glued that to the wreath and tied rafia around it to hold in place until it dried.


I thought it needed berries or something red but I had nothing in the house like that. Then I found a red glass heart we literally found in the yard. We have found several actually. It’s as if someone who use to live in this house tossed glass hearts all over the yard before we moved here.

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner so I glued it down.


So there you have it, a barbed wire wreath made from stuff lying around our house. I like the simplicity of it but you may be able to find more stuff at your house.

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