Display a Favorite Costume in a Shadow Box

Yes, yes, I’m a guy and I was Wonder Woman for Halloween several years ago and I’ve had this costume packed in a box ever since. No, you’ll never see a photo of me wearing it, so don’t ask. The Plant Man dared me to show you all this so here ya go!

Wonder Woman Shadow Box 01

I really can’t part with this costume because I made the whole thing and I have to say, it was fun to wear! I always say, the more ridiculous a costume seems, the more fun it is to wear.

Anyway, I’ve had this shadow box sitting around collecting dust for years but wasn’t sure what I wanted to put in it …until today.

Wonder Woman Shadow Box 02

I wore the skirt as opposed to the normal Wonder Woman tights because I’m a guy and …well, you figure the rest out yourself. Anyway, the skirt, tiara, lasso and earrings all went into the shadow box. I do need a deeper shadow box because the “bullet-proof” bracelets will not fit in this one, but for now it will do with a few other key costume pieces.

Bullet Proof Bracelets

The tiara was made it out of a gold Christmas placemat and has seen better days. It doesn’t look as good as it did when I first made it due to the wrinkles that formed over the years in that box. I used the same placemats to make the chest armor too but that has since fallen apart.

I would have needed an enormous shadow box for the entire costume and that’s why I chose the key elements of the Wonder Woman costume to place in the shadow box rather than trying to squeeze in everything.

All I used were those little straight pins to hold everything in place. I tried a few different arrangements of the pieces until I came up with the one shown. Don’t settle on the first arrangement you come up with, so play around with it.

Costume in Shadow Box

It’s probably not a bad idea to include a photo of you in your costume inside the shadow box, but like I said, I’m not showing you that part…   Again, just the key pieces of a costume work great inside the shadow box.

It’s also a great idea for your child’s first Halloween or first anything!


I rearranged the contents of the shadowbox to cover all the background  ….it was driving me NUTS!

WW Costume in a Shadowbox

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