An Easier Way to Create Chandelier Light Bulb Vases

Where flowers bloom so does hope.” ~ Lady Bird Johnson

Orchid Vase

I was going through a box of junk to see what I could salvage for later use in a future project when I found this item. It was the metal wire that is wrapped around a champagne cork. Maybe there’s a name for it – one moment please – it’s called a “Muselet.” We humans do love to label things don’t we?

Chandelier Bulb Vase

Light Bulb Vase

So, I picked it up and knew right away what I could use it for. I grabbed an old burned out chandelier light bulb that already had it’s guts removed.

Removing Light Bulb Guts

To learn how to remove the inside parts of a light bulb check our older tutorial called, “Recycle Light Bulbs into Vases.”

My Bulb Choice

We have several different sized light bulbs awaiting inspiration in a box in the garage but I found the chandelier bulb fits the muselet the best. Everything else was too big or too small.

The Easy Part – Attach Wire Support

Place the chandelier bulb into the muselet and carefully twist the extra wire into a loop for hanging. Be careful when twisting – if you twist it too tight you may break the chandelier bulb. I used pliers and gave it a couple twists – it’s easier than using your fingers.

Wire Support

Chandelier Bulb

Any Flower will Do

Obviously, use any type of flower you wish. I used an orchid because a little demon spawn squirrel chewed the blooming spike right off one of our orchids! If you also have rebellious squirrels, it’s nice to have a vase handy so you can still admire you orchid blooms.

Orchid Vase

As you can see in the photo, the lizard on the fence really appreciates the orchid.

Curious Lizard

If you have chandeliers then you probably drink champagne so now you have a project. Of course, if you have chandeliers and drink champagne you probably want an expensive crystal vase for your orchid bloom. If that’s the case, I probably lost you somewhere around the “removing light bulb guts” section.

Chandelier Light Bulb Vase

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