Looking Into Infinity Skull

Over-preparation is the foe of inspiration.” ~Napoleon Bonaparte

This is similar to my little “Day of the Dead” inspired alien guy ….or gal. This isn’t so much of a “how-to” as it is a “look what I finished,” but that’s okay as there wouldn’t be much to tell you except you draw it then you fill it in.

Infinity Skull

This is what I do when I sit in front of the television – I begin doodling away until there is no room left to doodle. I don’t over-think it, I just begin and keep going until the mood passes. Then onto something else.

I”ll be honest with you – I really dislike painting with a brush. These paint markers are a Godsend because it feels like I am just drawing. It reminds me of being a kid with my set of crayons coloring in my coloring books. Same thing really except I have to draw the picture to fill in.

I have this skull looking into infinity with his third eye – the symbol for infinity is represented by the number 8. I figured when you use your third eye there are no limits of what you can sense, hence the infinity symbol.

Around the edges of the canvas there are some candles which lead to the top where I put five basic phases of the moon. They don’t scream “moon phases” or maybe they do, I guess it depends who is looking at it.

Infinity Skull

Infinity Skull

I also added some red ferns in the skull. For some odd reason the book, “Where The Red Fern Grows” was in my head at the time. I read it long, long, time ago in junior high school. The Ozarks, a boy and his hunting dogs, and a native American Legend about red ferns if I remember it right. A great children’s book by the way, a real tear-jerker.

Infinity Skull

Infinity Skull

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