Orchids Mounted to Coconut Fiber Frame

This project is a way to mount orchids using a frame, hardware cloth and coconut fiber. The frame we will be using is metal and was once part of a product display in a retail store. Any other type of frame would also work for this project.

The three orchids we are using are Vandas which are great for this because they are pretty flat and easy to attach to this type of display.


Hardware cloth will be used with the frame to provide a solid structure for attaching the coconut fiber and orchids. Starting with our frame dimensions (48 x 13 inches) we measured out a piece of hardware cloth that is about one inch smaller than the frame (47 x 12 inches).

The hardware cloth is screwed to the back of the frame on each corner and every 12 inches or so… you may use more or less depending on the size of your frame. If it’s a wood frame a staple gun would probably work pretty well at holding down the hardware cloth.


Coconut fiber can be purchased in a big roll so you can cut out custom sizes. Measure the inside, or opening, of the frame and make sure the measurements are accurate because you want the coconut fiber to fit inside the frame just right.


Once you have that done, place the coconut fiber on top of the front side of the hardware cloth. We used some monofilament (fish line) and a needle to “sew” the coconut fiber to the hardware cloth. You can do it all the way around the edge of the fiber or attach it every few inches or so… Wire could also be used to support the fiber to the hardware cloth.


Time-lapse video of The Plant Man “sewing” the fiber to hardware cloth with a needle and fish line.

Once that is finished you can place the orchids in the frame to figure out the arrangement that you like best. After you’ve decided on that you can anchor the orchids to the fiber with some floral wire. You can use a little knife to make a little hole in the fiber to run the floral wire through.


Make sure the floral wire is around both the fiber and hardware cloth then twist it until it’s snug. Don’t twist too tight or you may break your orchid.

The finished project below! We wish they were in bloom right now but we can add a photo later whenever the orchid decides it’s ready.

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  1. I really like this and would like my vanda this way, but
    How do you water the vanda when they are mounted this way?

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